Laminar Air Flow Systems

Rectangular or Square Shaped

Marchhart Rectangular or Square Shaped Low Turbulence Ventilation Systems

Rectangular/Square Protection Area with laminar displacement flow

With the laminar displacement flow this Marchhart system ensures a stable protected area while providing a highest degree of safety and air quality to both patients and the surgery team. Its round design provides additional improvement of the downwards flow of air and eliminates turbulence caused by edges of rectangular housings. Furthermore, it protects against contamination caused by airborne particles and germs, thus reducing the risk of post-operative infections.

Large-area ceiling systems provide for a protected zone that not only covers the patient and the surgical team, but also the instruments used during surgery. It is suitable for use in the most sensitive areas e.g. during surgery (hip and/or joint surgery, surgery with prosthetic implants, etc.) and in pharmaceutical areas (production of sterile drugs).


Fields of application according to:

  • HTM03-01
  • EN ISO 14644-1.
  • ÖNORM H 6020 – 2007.
  • DIN 1946-4 for medical purposes.
  • VDI 2083.

Product Features

  • A circumferential stabilizing edge inhibits infiltration of particulates.
  • Air tight Aluminium housing.
  • No sealing materials or silicone used.
  • Safe and Easy to use system.
  • No tools required to fix or remove membranes.
  • Suitable for use in sensitive areas such as surgery room & manufacturing of sterile drugs.
  • Air flow velocity: 0.25 m/s – 0.35 m/s.



  • Made of aluminium.
  • Square or Rectangular, airtight and corrosion resistant design.
  • Visible surface coated with a disinfectant-resistant coating in RAL 9010 (pure white).
  • Filters and diffusers for air distribution may be arranged according to your needs.
  • Integration in the suspended ceiling on site via circumferential mounting flange.
  • The design includes a lamp stand and a service shaft adjusted to the stand with separate openings (to access the lamp stand)
  • Illumination of the protected zone by means of background illumination with options of fluorescent tubes with digital ballasts or LED-batten luminaires.


The greatest advantage of using our laminar air flow systems, compared to others, is we use commonly available HEPA filters from worldwide recognised filter suppliers. This ensures that you will not be saddled with the drawback of high after-sales cost.

Technical Data