Your Operating Theatres need Marchhart Laminar Air Flow Units

Our MARCHHART low turbulence ventilation system provides the highest degree of safety and air quality to your patients and operating team.


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With an air tight and corrosion resistant design, our low turbulence ventilation systems (laminar air flow systems) are suitable for sensitive environments such operating theatres, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plant and clean room for the semi conductor industry.

Innovation for the future

ATDIO has teamed up with Marchhart, a leading manufacturer in clean room technology to be the sole distributor of low turbulence ventilation system. Our comprehensive product range guarantees a high degree of safety and air quality to both, patients and surgery team. Our recipe for success is based on distributing top quality products with excellent customer service.

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Air Filters Technology for your needs

Our laminar airflow systems are designed to provide the best protection for patients, surgery teams and semi conductor components in a clean room environment. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced team at ATDIO for enquiry or a no-obligation quote.

Industry Standard

MARCHHART systems meet or exceeds industry standard such as EN ISO 14644-1, ÖNORM H 6020 – 2007, DIN 1946-4, VDI 2083 and HTM 03-01.


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