In-Line Single Stage Pumps

Grundfos Inline Single Stage Pumps

Efficient Grundfos TP pumps deliver power where it’s needed

Meet the world’s most comprehensive range of high-efficiency, vertical in-line pumps with a mechanical shaft seal. Adaptable to small and large-scale systems, TP pumps deliver the flow and pressure you need for heating, cooling and air-conditioning.

A key feature is the close-coupled design, which means the pump and motor are separate units – making them less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid compared to canned rotor pumps. Add to that a specially constructed shaft seal chamber, and you have a pump that ensures optimal water circulation without external piping. Anti-corrosion surface treatment is the final touch for the longest possible lifetime. Low on noise and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 °C, TP pumps are a robust and reliable choice.



  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial heating
  • Industrial water supply & transfer

Grundfos TP Series

Grundfos TP pumps are single-stage, close-coupled in-line centrifugal pumps with mechanical shaft seal and primely for applications such as heating/cooling/district energy. The pumps are fitted with fixed speed motors.


Whether large or small, TP pumps are a robust solution that meet your needs.


A short, strong pump shaft and a replaceable wear ring improve efficiency and extend shaft seal lifetime.


Electro-coated surfaces protect against corrosion for longer pump life.


Unique shaft seal chamber design ensures optimum water circulation – no external piping required.