Assess Twice Do It Once


ATDIO was incorporated in 2016 and has been appointed representative for Marchhart GmbH in Singapore & South East Asia. With over 20 years experience in the industry, the team at ATDIO is dedicated to provide the best customer service and committed to bringing the highest quality products to our  customers.

Our motto: Assess Twice Do It Once.

An ATDIO customer is always a customer and you can rely on us to provide you with all the support. We only strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Your success is our success!

Our Products

Marchhart low turbulence ventilation systems (laminar air flow systems) are widely used in healthcare, semi-conductor and food industry. Being a leading manufacturer/supplier of innovative products, Marchhart products guarantee a high degree of safety and air quality where it matters the most. Hospital operating theatres fitted with Marchhart laminar air flow systems provide laminar characterized air compared to unidirectional flow from other ventilation systems.

The ATDIO Method

ATDIO is committed to adhere to the requirements of your operating theatre. With the strong support from our principal manufacturer, ATDIO is uniquely positioned to customize any Laminar Air Flow unit to the required size and shape. These are our simplified steps from project inception to completion:

Step 1

Our team will be onsite to understand all the requirements and most importantly take accurate room dimensions.

Step 2

A layout plan detailing the laminar air flow unit will be drawn and directional air flow will be set to fully optimize the unit.

Step 3

A critical phase of the project is to ensure technical drawings are confirmed and requirements met before commissioning & implementation.

Step 4

Laminar Air Flow Unit is shipped to our customer. Each unit is installed, tested and ready for action.