Distributed Pumping Systems

Distributed Pumping System


Existing chilled water systems achieve flow control through the use of bypass lines, throttling valves and pump speed variations, with the most popular type of speed variance been variable frequency drive (VFD). Since the popularization of VFD four decades ago, the advancement in power electronics has altered the components but haven’t change the basic of how chilled water is been delivered within a building. The most difficult conundrum for industry experts today is how to get the most out of a single pump which has been sized to meet the greatest output demand.

Distributed Pumping Enables High-Performance Building

Accurately controlled cooling systems are crucial to maintaining an efficient, comfortable building. But this accuracy can be difficult to achieve with standard valve-based chilled water systems.

These systems face challenges with balancing and poor dynamic flow regulation, which leads to severe energy loss, inadequate climate control and an often-uncomfortable indoor environment.

The balanced solution
That’s why building owners and operators around the world are turning to a more intelligent way to balance their chilled water systems: Distributed Pumping. Distributed Pumping solutions replace larger centralised pumps and energy-consuming balancing and control valves with smaller intelligent pumps placed on each floor of the building. This means the system is equipped only with components that generate pressure only when and where needed, automatically balancing the system.

The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate.

• Better system design
• Improved indoor climate
• Up to 54% energy savings

The sustainable HVAC system
Intelligent pumps from Grundfos provide auto-balancing and variable speed, which delivers better energy transfer to any load and ensures perfect conditions for terminal units and chillers. If you are planning to refurbish or build a new HVAC system, or you want your HVAC system to support your building’s LEED certification, Grundfos Distributed Pumping is one of the most sustainable system you can choose.