Disinfection Tunnel

Compact Booth

Compact Booth

Compact Booth

This compact walk-through disinfectant spray tunnel with the smallest footprint is an economical solution for places with low footfalls and space constraints, designed to be easily deployed at shop entrances, small restaurants & offices. It is equipped with top and side spray nozzles to discharge non-toxic disinfectant automatically on individuals passing through using hypochlorous acid (HOCL) disinfectant, it eradicates up to 99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces, clothes, personal belongings including exposed skin. It is also safe to breathe while in the tunnel.

It is activated by a foot pedal and ceases the spray automatically after the individual emerges from the tunnel after 15-20 seconds.

Product Features

• Entry-activated by mechanical foot-operated pedal
• Automatic deactivation with sensor
• Top and side spray nozzles
• Stainless steel frame
• Acrylic wall
• PVC curtain strips
• Non-slip rubber matted floor
• Weight: 85kg
• Dimensions: 1m (W) x 1m (D) x 2.2m (H)

Right Side View

Front View

Left Side View

Video Demonstration of Compact Booth